Two Boxers

fax, white male, 3d model

Once upon a time there were two boxers in the town. Boxer Alexander was very strong and have won number of fights. Boxer Sam is new boxer and he is not strong as Alexander but he works hard. One day there was a competition in the town between Alexander and Sam. Alexander thought that he is very strong boxer so he will easily beat the Sam easily so he didn’t practice whereas Sam took it very seriously and practice hard. 

On the fight day Alexander was over confident and Sam was thinking about the fight and made prayer to the God.

When the fight started Alexander started throwing punches but to his surprise the Sam was dodging most of his punches. Alexander was getting frustrated. Sam was very well prepared and he was waiting for Alexander to make mistake. As Alexander was frustrated he came too close to Sam without proper defence and Sam punched him hard. Alexander was down on the ground and was not able to get up from the ground. He was knocked out . 

Moral: You always work hard and never ever become over confident.