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Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl. The girl’s name was Preeti and the boy’s name was Raman. They both were brothers and sisters and they were very good.

One day a poor man was sitting in a corner of a road. Preeti asked Raman to give the poor man 20 rupees but Raman said, “No, I want to buy a chocolate bar with this rupees”. But¬†still Preeti gave 20 rupees to the poor man.

One day Raman  went out for some work with a lot of money. On the way his bag got a big hole and all his money fell on the road. At the time he opened his bag there was no money.

He quickly ran to the police station. When he reached there he saw the same poor man holding his money. He has now understood that I did not help him but he helped me.

He gave some money to the poor man and thanked him. The next day Preeti and Raman saw a poor man again. They both gave 20 ruppees to the poor man. Both of them were really happy.

Moral-Always help the poor and needy