The Junk Food Boy

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Johny has very bad habit to always eat junk food. He doesn’t like to eat fruit and vegetables . As he always eat junk food he became fat. He always sit in his house watching movie and eating junk food. 

His mother was very worried but he was not listening to her. One day his father got passes for amusement park . The passes was after three months and right after the session end. 

Johny was very happy and eager to go to the park . But his father told him that he will not able to go to the park as the pass says that only those children who are fit and are not overweight can visit the park. His father told him that looking at you eating habit I don’t think you will be able to go to the park.

Johny felt very bad and he decided that he will start eating healthy food and will not eat the junk food always. 

He started eating healthy food . He stops watching and eating at home and started going outside with his friend. 

In few days he started to felt good. He can see he was loosing weight due to good eating habit and in three month he has become fit boy. He was allowed in the park as he was not overweight anymore. 

He enjoyed every ride in the park.

Moral : Eat Healthy and Always Remain Fit.