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This is story of mischievous boy name Alex. Alex joined the new school in the town. His father has just transferred to this new place. On his first day to his new class every one came to greet him. His new class is very good and all the students in the class is friendly to each other.

Alex doesn’t like that his classmates came to greet him. He wanted to show superiority to them. He  always get into fights with his classmates. 

To teach him lesson one day his class teacher said that we are going to school picnic but to join the picnic every student has to come with the name of one partner. 

Alex was very eager to go to picnic, so he went to everyone to become his partner but because of his behaviour no one was  ready to become his partner.

He was very sad and he reported same to his teacher. 

His teacher told him that you will expect same behaviour as you do to others. If you behave bad with others and doesn’t talk to them correctly then no one will be there to help you.

Alex has received great lesson from his classmates. He started working on his behaviour and in few days he found that everyone is ready to become his partner to picnic trip.

Moral : You will receive same behaviour as you show to them.